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Crypto API fix KB KB974571 can break your OCS 2007 R2 install

Posted by Milind Naphade on 15/06/2010

I was installing OCS 2007 R2 yesterday on one of the servers which is a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine, I faced a problem activating the OCS EE server during the installation. Everything looked good until I started adding the server into the pool I configured. The add server to pool wizard couldn’t complete with an error in OCS deployment log.

[0xC3EC78D8] Failed to read the Office Communications Server version information. This can happen if the computer clock is not set to correct date and time. 

This error was totally unexpected when I knew that I had the clock setup correctly. Turns out it is a known problem while installing OCS 2007.

Normally when we install any server application we run windows updates so that the OS is fully updated with latest patches. However, for installing OCS 2007 or OCS 2007 R2 you have to little careful. An update described in KB974571 causes failures in OCS setup during the server activation.


IF you encounter such problem then you must uninstall KB974571 from the computer where you are installing OCS and install it after you have completed the installation. Wait… you are not done yet. You also have to apply the fix from the same KB in order to keep your OCS server running after activation of services.

Read more about this at KB974571

You can download the OCSASNFix.exe from Here. Which fixes the problem after installing the hotfix. Remember, this fix does not work unless you have an OCS installed on the computer. It is a simple command line utility you have to run from an elevated command prompt window.

6 Responses to “Crypto API fix KB KB974571 can break your OCS 2007 R2 install”

  1. Nilesh S said

    You do not need to uninstall that Hotfix; You can run the OCSANSFix.exe and the only thing is that in this case, you’ll need to reboot the box to take affect (That is in case you have already rebooted after installing that hotfix).

  2. Thanks for the comment Nilesh. OCSANSFix.exe will work only if you already have an OCS installation on the computer where you run it. If you are installing OCS on a computer that has this hotfix installed then you must uninstall it temporarily, reboot the server, install OCS, install the hotfix, reboot the server and then run OCSANSFix.exe.

  3. Nilesh S said

    Yes, OCSANSFix.exe is a utility designed to fix OCS Activation Issues after installation of the hotfix KB974571. However there is no need of uninstalling the hotfix. You may chose to do so and there might be no harm in doing the same. All this utility does is create the following registry entry and set the value to 1:


    Hence you can do it manually too without the OCSANSFix.exe; Hope this makes things clearer.

    For your information, excerpt from the article:

    This fix can be applied either before or after you install security update 974571. If you apply the fix after you install security update 974571, we recommend that you apply the fix before you restart the computer. If you already restarted the computer after you installed security update 974571, this fix can still be applied. However, the Office Communication Services must be started manually.

    If all services start without any issues, this indicates that this fix has been applied and is working correctly.

    This fix sets the OCSASNFIX DWORD value to 1 for the following registry subkey on the OCS 2007/R2 and LCS 2005-SP1 Server:

  4. Nilesh S said

    BTW, nice effort and good blog…keep it up!

  5. Btw, you don’t have to uninstall the patch even if OCS isn’t installed yet. Try installing OCS and then activating it for the first time. When the activation fails, you can then go run ocsasnfix, then re-run the activation, and OCS will activate just fine. This is the way I have been doing it and it works just fine.

  6. Thanks for that Elan. I have tried this on Windows 2008 R2 several times and never worked for me. May be I was missing something? I’ll surely try your suggestion next time I install OCS 🙂

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