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Script to create new mailbox and set mailbox feature

Posted by Milind Naphade on 13/11/2011

Edit: This script can be downloaded from Microsoft Technet Gallery as well. Download is available at

Create Mailbox and Set-CASMailbox Features GUI Script


I wrote this script for one of our L1 support team where they create mailboxes manually. Lately, the customer where this team works wanted to the POP/IMAP services to be enabled and have the POP/IMAP access disabled on mailbox level.

Although doing so is not a big task, EMC / EMS put few limitations on you while performing both tasks together. As a result, you have to create a mailbox first and then set the mailbox features on it using EMC. If your L1 teams are well educated about how to use EMS then it might be a little easier for them. Unfortunately, mine one at this customer is not so well aware of powershell and its CLI 🙂

To help them out I decided to help them with a GUI that can handle these two tasks right at the time of mailbox creation itself. This is an initial version of this script and I am still working on adding few more features, and validations in it.

This is how the script window looks like:


Your feedback on this one will help improving it. So, please feel free to leave a comment or write to me.

Download this script from here 


Since WordPress does not allow more than specific file extensions the file is renamed to Create-Mailbox.pdf. After you download the file rename it to Create-Mailbox.ps1

This script will work only with Exchange 2010 and has to be executed from Exchange Management Shell only.

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